Storms Start Again Tomorrow

Short Term through Next Week
A nice healthy shot of moisture is coming to the Sierra with good spillover for the leeward valleys expected as well. We have a series of storms that should culminate with 2-4 inches of liquid precipitation. The storms start tomorrow with a weakening system that is currently just off the Oregon coast. After a day of rest on Sunday, a much more potent storm comes in for Monday and Tuesday. From there a series of storms should follow suit which could bring 2-5 feet of fresh snow to the Sierra and anywhere from 1- 2 inches of liquid precip to parts of the leeward valleys. Here is a look at precip potential through next week:

We have a very favorable setup for a week of storms with a ridge of high pressure blocking west of Hudson Bay. Our ridge has moved south and west, and that opens up the storm corridor. The only thing I would like to see is a larger moisture tap. That could come, however. If it does, it will bring warmer air into the mix and snow levels will rise with the increasing precip.

Favorable Conditions

Quick Note: The models have been increasing precip for the Monday storm. If we can get just a slightly larger moisture tap, we could be looking at 4-6 inches of liquid precip through next week. So the potential does exist for a very healthy dump.

Long Term
What I am seeing are two more possible weather events. They are a long way off but something to possibly look forward to. The first could show up around the 22nd of this month. Then many of the indicators are turning favorable for a long period of moisture headed our way toward the first week in March as this crazy winter continues. I will keep a close eye on these two potential weather makers and report accordingly.

Stay Tuned ...