Quick Update - Going To Turn Cool and Stay Cool

Current Through Next Week
A series of systems are headed our way. Unfortunately they are not packing enough moisture to bring us any significant precipitation. They are packing cold air and wind. They will continue to re-enforce through next week which will bring us our worst week of weather this entire winter ... I define bad weather as being cold, windy and no precip.

Strong Winds Forecast For Friday Night
The pressure gradient is just right for this next system, which comes through tomorrow night to whip up some serious winds, as much as 120 mph for the Crest. Do not be surprised if the foothills and other wind prone areas of the valley see gusts in excess of 100mph, so get your basketball hoops and other yard items under cover or they could end up getting blown in the valley.

Long Range
MJO has stalled, but not all is lost. There are a series of events that lead the TWB to believe that we are still in for a wet March, but probably not starting until the 2nd week. Again we are keeping a very close eye on this and will update when we know more. For now, the EC model is in agreement and has a significant amount of precip coming to our area between 3/10 and 3/20:

As you can see, we are still taking about 5-8 inches of liquid precip which translates into epic spring skiing and riding.

Stay Tuned ...