Quick Update - Storm Strengthens Considerably

This is just a quick update to my post earlier this morning. The storm has actually strengthened and will hit the Tahoe area with a bulls eye. It will then move slightly south and stall. That means snow and lots of it for the entire Tahoe area. We are now talking about 3-5 feet for the Sierra Crest and 2-4 feet for the Carson range by mid-day Thursday. At lake level they will receive more than a foot of snow. The Reno and Carson Valleys will mostly be blocked out, but should pick up 1-3 inches tomorrow morning around 6am lasting until about 10am. The foothills could pick up another 3-5 inches. The big news on this storm is the prolific moisture. Similar to what happened on Monday, these last two storms are picking up copious amounts of moisture. They are rising above the High Sierra, condensing quickly and dumping. After midnight the Sierra could well see snow amounts in excess of 3-4 inches an hour for about 12-18 hour period. Again this will be all snow at all Lake Tahoe elevations and even in the lowest parts of the leeward valley's.

The big thing I am watching is wind. It appears as though the strongest winds could well hit very early this morning (2 am) and then again late tomorrow afternoon. That might allow Rose to keep that slide side 6 pack open for the majority of the day. However, trying to predict that is like throwing darts so keep your fingers crossed and check their site. If not, Thursday will be epic as the cold front will have pushed through and temps will drop into the teens. The weather should still be unstable and cloud cover will preserve the pow for sometime.

Over on the right side of this website you will find a link to the Sierra Avalanche Center. Please read what they are predicting as there will be a pretty unstable snow pack by Thursday.

Stay Tuned ...