Final Storm Today, then Dry for 7-10 Days

The final storm in the series of storms will hit today. The trajectory of this storm has improved as the storm will hit Tahoe directly. The storm has ample moisture, will come in warm with snow elevations around 7,500 feet. It is packing a strong cold front that will bring snow all the way to the valley floor by tonight. Here is a look a the precip potential:

We are seeing an additional 1-2 feet of snow for Mt. Rose, with other Tahoe areas picking up rain on the lower mountain eventually turning to all snow.

With this storm comes gusty winds for the Sierra and Carson range with ridge top winds exceeding 100 mph.

After this storm a ridge of high pressure moves in and this storm cycle, for all practical purposes is over. We see dry weather for the next 7-10 days or more.

Looking way down the road, the ridge finally breaks down around February 2nd. A couple of storms look to make it into our area sometime around then.

Stay Tuned ...