Next Storms Will by Much Warmer

Enjoy the light powder while it is here as the next several storms will not bring nearly the amount of precip and will be much warmer with snow elevations pushing 7,000 feet. The next storm will arrive Tuesday late afternoon, here is a look at the forecast, again nowhere near as impressive as this latest storm, but could leave a foot or more on the western side of the lake, above 7,000 feet with about half that for the Carson Range. I do not see much spillover for the leeward valleys from this storm.

The next several storms will have a much greater impact on Southern California, where they really need the rain. We do not see any significant precip after Wednesday through the weekend and early part of next week for the Tahoe area.

The big storm for SoCal shows up in about a week:

The weather pattern does remain active and I expect the models to change, but as of right now, the storms are splitting and losing their energy prior to getting here.

Although nobody is complaining as all Tahoe resorts should be near completely open with very good conditions moving forward.

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Stay Tuned ...