Weather Pattern will Remain Very Active Through Next Week

In our previous post we talked about the potential for 6 inches of snow in the Carson Range and double that on the western side of the lake. That appears to be happening. We also talked about warmer storms and near misses for the weekend.

There are several storms coming our way for late Friday and then again on Sunday. However these storms are going to slam into the Sierra dip south, unable to get up and over, that will leave the Carson Range with just minor precip and the leeward valleys high and dry.

However, Sunday's storm is going to stall and then get slammed by a much bigger storm. That will force the moisture up and over the Sierra and next week looks like a very stormy period for the Tahoe area.

Here is a look at the forecast for early next Tuesday (January 15th):

We already had two storms collided forcing the moisture over the Sierra. Also, notice the next storm just off the coast. That will move onshore. Here is the forecast for about a week from today:

On the heels of that storm we could be looking at the grand daddy of them all for late Friday January 18th:

Folks, we are talking about an epic 10 days of storms, especially for Central California (Mammoth), here is the precip forecast:

It looks like another 5-7 feet for the Carson Range, 7-9 feet west of the lake and 10-15 feet for Mammoth. If all holds true, this should take us at or above our average for this time of year!

These next several storms are also going to be a bit colder and should bring snow to most Tahoe Ski area elevations. Definitely, all snow for Mt. Rose.

Stay Tuned ...