The Storms are Stacked

If you read our last post, not much has changed, but we thought we would do a quick update for what is looking to be a very stormy week.

We expect several major snow events for the Sierra and Carson Range. The storms will continue to slam into each other which should provide enough momentum for much of that precip to carry over into the leeward valleys, like Reno and Carson City.


The fun starts Tuesday afternoon when a southern born storm heads north through California and slams into Tahoe:

That storm will stall out and bring several waves of light to moderate precip to Tahoe. Then, it will get a big push from a much larger storm and we will start to see major precip around Thursday @ noon:

In our last post, we talked about the 3rd storm as the wildcard. Right now the models have that storm, which is even larger than the 2nd storm, giving us a glancing blow on late Saturday night (January 19th) or early Sunday morning. That storm is over a week out so it's trajectory could change:

The thing to notice about this storm is that it is getting shoved north by our old friend Mr. Ridge. As of now it does look like the ridge will move in after next weekend and camp off our door step for at least 5-8 days and bring with it well above average temperatures.

These storms will bring all snow to Mt. Rose. However they are packing some sub-tropical moisture so look for snow levels to vary greatly, topping out at 7,000 feet. We believe that most of the precip will be snow for all Tahoe Ski Areas at all elevations.

Here is the forecast precip totals for the entire week:

We are looking at 3-6 feet of snow for the Carson Range over this period of time and slightly more on the other side of the lake.

Stay Tuned ...