Winter Returns Friday

As our ridge of high pressure gets kicked back out to sea, a storm door will open and should start Friday afternoon (2/1)  and last through most of the following Monday (2/4) . The peak of the storms should be hitting very early on Saturday morning:

After a near miss on Thursday, a much bigger storm should effect the entire state of California. Right now the models have the Central Sierra taking the biggest blow, but I think we will get our fair share.

You can see by the image, with the counter clockwise rotation of the low pressure system, warm, moist air will accompany this storm. I expect snow levels to start fairly high (7,500 - 8,000 feet) on Friday. As the storm moves south, it will then drag down some cooler air by Sunday, so I expect snow levels to drop through the event.

Here is a look at the precip forecast:

The trajectory of the initial storm will be subject to some shadowing, but we still expect the Carson Range to pick up 1-2 feet. Initially, Sierra Cement. By Monday, the powder will be much drier. The potential exists for Mammoth to pick up as much as 4-5 feet out this storm. Very beneficial rains will also be delivered to SoCal.

Stay Tuned ...