3 Cold Storms Poised to Rock Tahoe

We are tracking 3 storms for the next week, all on the colder side. All taking aim at Tahoe. All impressive in their own way. The first storm is hitting us now, we talked about it last post. It showed up right on time. It will move quickly and be mostly out of here by noon tomorrow (2/10). This storm is ushering in a pretty impressive cold front. Anybody who was up on Rose today prior to the lifts closing down probably felt some of the coldest air of the winter.

In our last post we talked about two storms converging on Tahoe from the North and South. Here is a look at the forecast for early Tuesday (2/12) morning:

You can clearly see the two storms. These two storms are on a collision course and will actually join forces to become one big storm by Tuesday night:

This storm is going to hammer the entire state of California including Lake Tahoe and surrounding area.

This storm will clear out by Thursday at noon, not before dumping many feet of snow in our area and probably even more down around Mammoth. This storm will spill over into the valley with snow levels around 5,500-6,000 feet. There is a warm element to this storm as you can see in the above map (red lines).

The 3rd storm we are tracking shows up Sunday 2/17 around noon. This storm is not nearly as big or packing as much moisture, but it is much colder as it comes straight out of the north. It could be called the little sister of the storm we are having right now:

In all we are looking at this for the next 7-10 days in the way of precip:

We are estimating an additional 4-7 feet of snow for Rose, most of it very light and fluffy!

Just a quick reminder for everybody who is planning on heading out to the back country; check the Sierra Avalanche website, the following graphic was published today:

Also, if you do not visit Unofficial Mt. Rose on a regular basis, you should. Tons of great information about Mt. Rose and the surrounding back country.

When will it all end? From what we can see, high pressure will move in off the coast and park there for a week or longer around the 19th or 20th of this month. No it will not snow forever!

Stay Tuned ...