Storm Update - Leeward Valleys Could See Heavy Snow

For a complete recap of what is going to happen in the Carson Range and Sierra, see the last 2 posts. This update is to warn the folks who live in the leeward valleys (Reno and Carson), that the potential exists for heavy snow starting Sunday afternoon and lasting through Tuesday afternoon.

We have seen this pattern before, as a colder storm drops down on a near perfect trajectory to spill over the mountains and into the valley. 

The potential exists for 1-3 feet in the foothills and up to a foot on the valley floor.

Mt. Rose could see as much as 6-8 feet of snow between now and next Wednesday!

These storms will put us over our season average for a 4th straight year. As we like to say, averages have a way of catching up, so enjoy the great skiing and riding conditions!

Stay Tuned ...