Don't Let Rain Fool You, This Will Turn into a Major Winter Storm by Friday

A massive Pacific storm is pounding the area with rain and snow. As was forecast, the snow started very low, but now the warm air is mixing and snow levels are shooting up. We still expect rain at 10,000 feet for at least a short period, but reports have been coming in with rain at 7,000 feet already. That will continue to climb. Here is a look at what will change the entire dynamic of this storm:

As our moisture rich southern storm continues to pound the area with rain and high elevation snow, another, much colder storm is going to slam right into it. This will in all likelihood cause a major winter storm for all of the Tahoe area and the leeward foothills of Reno and Carson City with blizzard conditions similar to what we saw last Saturday.

The timing looks to be around early Friday morning, but could be later as the cold air will mix in with the warm air, this makes exact timing very difficult to predict.

We expect several reinforcing waves of cold air and heavy snow between Friday morning and Saturday evening before the entire system clears out.

Here is a look at the precip totals for this storm:

Many areas west of Lake Tahoe will see 10+ inches of liquid precip. The Carson Range should be in the 6-8 inch range, with most of that being snow for Mt. Rose. We do still believe that there will be a change over to rain at some point.

From Sunday (2/17)  until Wednesday (2/20) we expect a drying out period, however it will remain cold with below average temperatures. Then a slider type storm will hit the area on Wednesday with a reinforcing shot of cold air.

After Wednesday High Pressure should move in and temperatures will steadily increase until we hit our next storm cycle around the 2nd of March.

Stay Tuned ...