10 More Feet of Snow For Carson Range?

We are on the eve of an extremely active weather pattern for all of the Tahoe area. In fact, the GFS weather model is predicting in the neighborhood of 10 additional feet of snow for the Carson Range. The ECMWF is talking 8-10 feet.

Currently, we have the perfect conditions setting up for a major weather event. Notice the ridge of high pressure way out at 160w. That opens a door for storms to come in from both the north and the south. 

Things will get rolling late Tuesday or Early Wednesday morning. That is a bit later than we originally thought (in our last post). However, this storm cycle will last through the year.

Here is a look at the forecast for Wednesday Evening (12/22):

We should see heavy to moderate mountain snow, with elevations starting just above lake level (that is our best guess).

By the time Friday evening (Christmas Eve) rolls around:

This wave is much cooler and will spill over into the leeward valleys with accumulating snow. In the mountains, very heavy snow. We believe the leeward valleys will have a white Christmas. In addition, for you Santa believers out there, he will have some travel issues as we see snow for the entire area (mountains and valleys) on Christmas day.

We are seeing a very short break starting Tuesday afternoon (12/28) lasting until Wednesday evening. That may be the only time to travel over the various Sierra passes. 

New Years Eve Eve (12/30), see's a very cold storm come in that will bring heavy snow all the way down the Sierra:

That will last through the New Year.

We are tracking another possible weather event for January 3rd. 

If this forecast holds, we will have more snow by the 1st of the year, than we had all of last winter season!

Finally, here is the precip forecast for the next 12 days:

A good portion of the Sierra west of Lake Tahoe is looking at an additional 15 feet of snow. 

Stay Tuned ...