Storms Start Up Again Monday

After 10 feet of snow in the Carson Range and perhaps 20 feet on the Western Crest, we are in for a 3 day break. Then ... Deja Vu all over again. Here is the forecast for Monday night:

This is a very interesting storm. It is forecast to hang off the coast for a period of 4 days. Then it will move north and then move back south again. It has a sub-tropical moisture tap and should bring an additional 4-6 feet of snow to the Carson Range next week.

Notice the ridge of high pressure way out at sea. That is going to keep the storm door open. After this storm finally moves out, the ridge is so far west and north that we are forecasting a couple of storms slamming into each other shortly after Christmas. One storm will come from the north the other from the south:

This is a bit too far off to predict what effect it will have on Tahoe, but needless to say, this could bring in another major weather event.

The GFS model has already picked up on these series of events. We are seeing high pressure move in around the 29th, but there are 2 major storms, one to the north the other to south (again) that should squeeze the ridge and move it back out to sea, just in time for New Years day.

The amount of precip that is being forecast for the next couple of weeks is stunning. If this holds true, this past week will look like flurries in comparison. The western crest could be looking at 20 inches of additional, liquid precip.

We hate to beat a dead horse here, but Ma Nature gonna Ma Nature and there is nothing we can do about it.

Be sure to keep up on what is going on at Mt. Rose as information will be critical. Sven has the inside scoop over at Unofficial Rose.

Also, before heading out in the backcountry, notice in the left margin of this site, the link to the Sierra Avalanche Center. Extremely Dangerous conditions exist.

Stay Tuned ...