Stormy Pattern to Continue Through Christmas (at least)

This latest storm which is actually located just off the coast in Northern Washington, continues to pummel the Sierra. Right now it looks like this storm will clear out sometime Tuesday afternoon.

But there is another storm right on its heels.

Here is a look at forecast for early Thursday (12/16):

This is a faster moving storm but should remain cold and should produce all snow for all Tahoe ski resorts.

Between Friday and Tuesday (12/21) we will see several short waves bring additional snow to the area. Then, because Ma Nature hates when forecasters make generalizations, like it is going to be a dry winter because of La Nina (not us), she has decided to bring a storm in from the South:

Our ridge of high pressure has pushed to 160W which should keep the storm door open at the time of year when the storms are the strongest.

Here is the precip forecast for the next 10 days. Looks like the entire Sierra is in line for 8-10 feet of additional snowfall, while the western crest could be looking at much more.

Stay Tuned ...