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Ma Nature Throws Another Curve

This has been a pretty amazing season. We started with what looked like a moderate El Nino which lead to an epic start of the season. Then the spigots were turned off, literally. Storms kept forming and approaching and dying. The weather turned warm and calm for much of the spring. Then summer showed up and the temps dropped off the table. So what gives? The simple answer is that nature is unpredictable. Even this time of year. Many years we struggle to get into our summer weather pattern. What makes this year different is the mild spring temperatures. Most readers thought Ma Nature was done until next fall. Not so fast. We have a surprisingly strong storm just of the Northern California Coast that has some very wet and cool air associated with it. The actual low is just off the Southern BC coast. The cold front is moving into our area today and will bring rain, clouds, wind and cool temperatures for the next couple of days. Below is a map of current conditions and trends. The co