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Much Needed Rains Put Pause on Fire Season

We still have 3 more days of rain that will bring up to an additional 3 inches of rain to the areas burning west of Lake Tahoe. Funny when Nature is pitted against Nature how nature always wins. Yes, nature uses fire to regenerate her forests, but only nature has the power to put out said fires. We should never forget who is in control and it is not us! This blog is now using a new delivery mechanism, , to deliver content to your email inbox. There will always be an unsubscribe link. You can also filter what you see as well: Our old delivery service, feedburner, simply stopped delivering, therefore we have used as a Feedburner replacement .  We will be posting our 2022/2023 winter season forecast in the coming weeks. Stay Tuned ...

Weekend Storm Should Dampen Fires

We have an early season storm that will drop down the coast and make landfall in Northern California. It will then move west directly over the fire areas. This storm should produce some precipitation, which will greatly aid the effort to put out these fires that are burning due west of Lake Tahoe. This storm will bring much cooler and more humid weather and the winds do not appear to be nearly as strong as once thought ... all good news. We are looking at from 24-36 hours of light rain and possibly some snow over the fire areas.  We are also looking at our first high mountain snows of the season. We see an above average snowfall winter for Tahoe, and will post our season predictions in the next few weeks after we aggregate all the data. Stay Tuned ...

It is a Good News Bad News Scenario for Smoke

 I will be brief: The Bad News: Our winds will come almost directly from the west leading up to next weekend. That means the smoke could be here to stay for at least the next several days. Around Saturday a front moves in that will increase the winds and bring them more from the north. Of course that will make dealing with the Mosquito fire that much more difficult. The rainy season does not start for nearly 2 months. The Good News: We made it all the way to September before the air quality tanked. The winds could clear out the smoke toward the end of the week. There are several storms that should change our winds frequently in the coming weeks. Here is a look at the forecast winds for this weekend: Qualifier: Predicting local surface wind direction is very difficult. Stay Tuned ...