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Very Active Pacific Weather Pattern

A couple of unusually strong storms are headed for the Sierra that will bring upper elevation snow, high winds and cooler temperatures. The first storm will come in late Sunday afternoon. Storms this time of year do not pack much moisture. I doubt any moisture associated with Sunday's storm will make it over the Carson range. But the cold air and wind certainly will. Here is a 500mb look at the Pacific ocean. First thing to notice, our ridge of high pressure has been pushed out to sea again. Second thing to notice, the storm track is very active, with storms somewhat stacked up. If this were late December, it would be quite impressive. Again, I do not see copious amounts of precip, but I do see much cooler and more windy weather for Tahoe and the Sierra through at least next Saturday (and Reno/Carson too). Paul Hunnington, the top researcher at TWB and maybe the top researcher anywhere, makes this observation: What is happening is the North Atlantic Oscillation is lock