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Change to Cooler, Stormy Weather Still On

In our last post we talked about a potential spring storm for Tahoe. Considering, that storms do not have the power this time of year that they posses in December and January, we have a moderate size storm knocking on the door. Not much has changed since my last post as the models have held true for some decent precip coming to the Sierra and Carson range starting tomorrow and then picking up steam around midday on Tuesday. Here is the latest from EC for around midday Tuesday: I know, this looks like the same forecast I gave about a week ago, the only difference is that this is the latest model run. There are parts of the Western Crest of the Sierra that will pick up 2-3 feet of snow from these series of storms. I believe the Carson range (Mt. Rose) could should pick up 1-2 feet of snow by Wednesday night. As a disclaimer, the NWS is calling for much less snow. However, considering the latest model runs and the cold air associated with these storms (snow levels @ 5,000 feet),