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The Storm Door is Wide Open

If this were January, this would be a major event. Truth be told, storms are just not that strong this time of year. However, we are in for several moderate events, especially considering it is mid-April. As my friend over at Unofficial Rose  put it, " Well it looks like we will get a week of January in April which I gotta say is classic Nevada weather. 75 one day, below freezing the next." Let's start with Saturday's storm. This is a stronger storm than the one that left around 7 inches on Slide Mountain: It is also warmer with snow levels creeping up above 7,000 feet. You can see the separation of warm and cold air, right now we are in the warmer air at the peak of the storm. All snow for Rose though. I would be remiss not to mention that prior to Saturday there will be a few waves of precip that could leave an inch or two. Saturday's storm could leave as much as a foot. Shadowing for Rose, does not appear to be in play. The next storm is on track for Tuesday. I

Seriously, 5 Storms in 15 Days

After a very dry start to 2022 (following a record wet finish to 2021), Ma Nature, for some reason unknown to man has decided to bring the storms back. We are tracking 5 storms in the next 15 days. Tomorrow 4/11 @11am Thursday 4/14 @ 11am All snow for Mt. Rose, looking at snow elevations starting around 6000-7000 feet. Friday 4/15 @ 5pm This one looks pretty impressive from a moisture standpoint. Tuesday 4/19 @ 11am Typical Sierra split storm, going to give us more snow, could be a shadow effect for Carson Range, however. Sunday 4/24 @5pm Smallest and possible the last in this cycle, again, we are seeing some shadowing for Carson Range. Additional 3-6 feet of April snow for the Sierra in the next 2 weeks! Stay Tuned ...

Snow on Tap For Next Week

As the resort ski season winds down, Ma Nature is saying, "not so fast". A Pacific storm will drop out of the north, pull up moisture and could well produce valley snow and will certainly produce mountain snow. This storm will NOT be shadowed so we expect precip throughout the Carson Range and even into the valleys.  This storm will continue to strengthen and will produce very heavy snow for the Rockies. For us, we are expecting 6-12 inches of snow for the Sierra and Carson Range. Mammoth will get around double that. There are places in the Rockies and central plains that could be looking at 4-5 feet of snow.  Notice the very cold air coming down from the north. Temperatures will be off by as much as 30-40 degrees compared to the last few days. Having said that, they will quickly recover to near or above average by late next week. What is most impressive about our storm, is it picks up strength as it moves across the West and into the Northern Plains. If this is snow for Sout