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End of 100 Degree Days; Smoke to Subside; La Nina Winter

We have a series of dry cold fronts that will be coming through our area in the next week or so. These will create much cooler temperatures along with very windy conditions. The winds will help to alleviate much of the smoke and we could even see several clear days. We believe the 100 degree days (which we had a record number of) are over until next year. Ma Nature is very fickle to say the least as we could see frost in some locations in the coming days. As Mother Nature continues her unforgiving forest management, we are not seeing any beneficial rains in the near future. However, we are seeing a gradual weather pattern change. Needless to say, we are hoping for an early rainy season. Although we are not ready to do our winter snowfall prediction, which last year was exactly what we forecast (pure luck), we are seeing a significant chance for a La Nina pattern to develop and stay with us for the most of the winter. What does that mean? Honestly, not much. After an incredibly dry year