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One More Storm Cycle; No April Fools

 It is going to warm up ahead of the next and perhaps last storm cycle of this ski season. Of course this will not be a strong storm cycle this late in the season as our weather transitions from the rainy season to the dry season. Also, storms this late in the season are weaker and sometimes unable to make it over the Sierra and if they do they can die out on the east side of the crest. Having said that, we do expect some snow in the Carson Range over the next couple of weeks. Starting with early on April 6: Then another storm comes in early on the 11th: We are tracking what could be another storm for Tax Day, but we will wait and see on that one. In the meantime, conditions remain excellent all around Tahoe. Resorts will begin to close so get those last turns of the season in. I saw an interesting post that Whistler is closing for 3 weeks due to the Corona Virus. I did check the Washoe County website yesterday and there were a total of 25 cases in all of Northern Nevada and only 27 ho

High Pressure to Remain in Control for next Couple of Weeks; Slider on Monday Night?

 High Pressure has moved off the coast and will be in control of our weather for the next couple of weeks ... Especially after Tuesday. The NWS is calling for a period of "moderate to heavy snow" for the Eastern Nevada valleys as a slider type system is going to shove south through our area. They are the pro's so I would keep an eye out for this. None of the models are showing this scenario so we have a faceoff between the weather models and the NWS, I guess we will see who wins. As high pressure continues to control our weather, expect plenty of sunshine and average to slightly below average temperatures for the next couple of weeks. For those snow enthusiasts (like everybody who reads this blog), we are seeing a chance for a moderate storm to move in from the Pacific around the 4th of April: Being 2 weeks out, our confidence is low but thought we would pass this on. Stay Tuned ...

One More Storm Then High Pressure Takes Over

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We are tracking one more storm. This storm has stalled somewhat and will come in on the 18th and last on and off through the 20th. However, the Carson Range could be shadowed from a good portion of this event. One thing that won't be shadowed is the cooler air that will come in behind this storm. Here is a look at the forecast for Friday the 19th: The leading edge of this storm will creep in tomorrow (March 18th) and last into Saturday. We are thinking about a foot of snow for the Western Sierra Crest and 2-3 inches for Mt. Rose. It will take a few days for temperatures to recover, but it looks like this is the last storm for a while as high pressure sets up off the west coast. Conditions are excellent at all Tahoe Resorts so get out and enjoy the coming beautiful weather! Still La Nina, but not For Long We are still in a weak La Nina pattern, but it is winding down and we will move to a neutral ENSO by late spring. What does that mean? Not much for our

Pattern to Remain Active for Next Several Weeks

 As the current storm winds down it will produce just over a foot of snow in total for the Carson Range and Mt. Rose in particular, which was about what we expected. This pattern of storms every 3-5 days with warming temperatures ahead of the storms will continue into the foreseeable future. These storms are dropping out of the north so the snow levels remain low for this time of year. We will warm in the next several days ahead of our next storm which is on tap for very early on Monday morning (March 15): This is again a pretty fast moving and cooler storm that should bring all snow to all Tahoe resorts. There appears to be only a minor shadowing effect so we expect Mt. Rose to pick up an additional 4-8 inches of snow from this storm. As has been the pattern, temps will warm ahead of the next storm. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to look more than a 5-7 days out with any certainty. Having said that, we are tracking a fantasy storm that could come in about 2 weeks, that storm has

Thinking Spring? Think Again!

 Today (March 4th) will be our last glimpse of spring for quite some time as we enter a very active weather pattern starting tomorrow and lasting at least the next 2 weeks. Although we do not see any giant Sierra storms, we see at least a half dozen smaller storms that will bring in much cooler air and some snow. Here is the synopsis:  Early Saturday Morning (March 6th) - This is a weaker storm but will bring 6 inches or so to Mt. Rose by Saturday Afternoon. It will also bring much cooler air. Late Monday (March 8th)  - This is a little stronger storm that will bring in several waves of snow and cold air. It should produce an additional foot of snow. The next chart is the same storm as it approaches Tahoe. Early Wednesday (March 10th) After this storm moves through we will still have several waves of light precip and cold air. Late Saturday (March 13th) The precip comes back, albeit on the light side. March 17th - We could be looking at a moderate St. Patrick's day storm.  Here is