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As Mountain Closes, Storm Door Opens

We have a series of storms heading our way as the storm cycle restarts. With Mt. Rose closed, there are still plenty of other areas to get your fix. We can certainly use the precip. Starting Monday, we will notice a change. By the time Tuesday roles around we are looking at 20 degree cooler high temperatures and stormy weather. The mountains will pick up some snow. An unusually large storm is heading our way for next weekend. It is going to park over our area and effect our weather Friday-Monday. Here is a look at late Saturday night: This storm should be a major precipitation event for the Sierra, especially for this time of year. The storm will take it's time getting here and take it's time leaving. Here is a look at the total precip for the event: The crest of the Sierra will pick up 4-5 inches of liquid precip. Snow levels, however, will be very high. Usually this time of year, storms have trouble making it over the crest. I see 2-3 inches liquid headed for th