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Continued Near Perfect Weather For 7-10 Days

We will continue our run of near perfect weather for the next 7-10 days and then it is going to get really hot. Chance of rain, zero! Everybody has surely heard of the great success of the Government takeover of GM. Here is another angle that I found very interesting, enjoy:   The Dirty Little Secret Behind The New Chevy Volt: Patrick Michaels is a senior fellow in Environmental Studies at the Cato Institute and the editor of the forthcoming Climate Coup: Global Warming's Invasion of our Government and our Lives, as well as the author of several other books on global warming.  His Forbes column on the Chevy Volt is a case study in the nexus between big government corruption and big business subsidies.  Michaels briefly recaps the consumer fraud in which GM has touted the Volt as an all-electric mass production vehicle on the supposed basis of which its sales receive a $7, 500 taxpayer subsidy, and it is still overpriced and unmarketable.  Michaels notes