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Western Fire Relief: None in Sight

With fires blazing, we have looked a month into the weather future to find some potential relief. Unfortunately, this looks to be a very slow start to the fall/winter season for both the Sierra and Cascade Ranges. For Reno/Tahoe, the winds are going to shift from the west again, which will put us back in the smoke. However, the easterly flow that we have been enjoying this week, which blows the smoke into the Bay Area, will return from time to time. Eventually Ma Nature will crank up that storm machine and put out some of these massive fires. We generally do have several storms in the California Sierra in September and we are still in the first week. For the Cascade Range, they usually get going in September prior to the Sierra. We look for some storms to begin showing up and will keep a close eye on this. Here is the issue: We have a massive ridge of high pressure which is dominating the entire USA West Coast. Storms are going over or under the ridge. We expect that to move further so