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Two More Days of Heat, then more Seasonal Temperatures

What a crazy year it has been thus far. Really just goes to show who is in charge and it aint us! With record breaking heat overwhelming our area and much of the west, a cold front will drop out of the north and bring our temps back under control. Saturday will bring clouds and wind ... there is even a chance of some rain. here is a look at the forecast for 11:00 am on Saturday: Temps will not get out of the 60's on Saturday but will quickly recover to a very pleasant mid-70's through most of next week. I would be remiss not to compliment my good friend Sven over at Unofficial Rose . If you have been keeping up with his posts, they have been a terrific combination of back country conditions, ski area openings and current events. Imagine the casinos being safe enough to open, but not Mt. Whitney?? Huh? I guess the virus lives well at 15,000 feet with average wind speeds of 30 mph. Who'd have thunk that? Looking ahead to next winter; we are seeing pretty much neutr