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Large, Cold Storm will Usher in a Return to Winter

There is a large storm that will hit the Tahoe area and bring back memories of December for at least 36 hours. Looking ahead, we are going to be in a very stormy pattern with below average temperatures through next week ... at least. First things first, starting Thursday night a large storm (for this time of year) will begin to approach Tahoe and bring with it very gusty winds. The brunt of the storm will hit late Friday afternoon. Here is the forecast for around 4:00 no Friday: As with many storms this time of year, this storm will work its way south down the Sierra and bring at least double the precip to the Sierra compared with the Carson Range. But fear not, a series of short wave sliders will continue to bring in waves of cool air. These storms tend to work their way down the Carson Range and bring more precip to the Eastern Sierra and Carson Range. They also bring plenty of cold air as our dominant weather pattern will be from the north. The storm for Friday/Saturday w

Strong Cold Front for Wednesday, Thursday. Much Warmer this Weekend

A strong moisture starved low pressure system will fall out of the north and put the chill in our weather starting late tomorrow. This storm packs more cold air than anything else. It will bring little if any precip to the Carson Range (1-3 inches), more is possible for the Western Crest (3-6 inches). From a wind standpoint, this storm is relatively tame. I suspect the lifts at Rose will spin most of the day tomorrow and all day on Thursday. Although the temps will be significantly colder. Here is a look as the storm rapidly approaches out of the north very late tomorrow night: This storm will dive south after making landfall and break up for the most part. Most of the strong winds will be late Wednesday and very early on Thursday. Winds will die most of the day on Thursday but will be out of the north and cold! High pressure takes over starting Friday and by Sunday we will be well above average, perhaps mid-70's for the leeward valleys. This high pressure system will stic

Don't Count El Nino Out Yet as Winter is Coming Back

Winter is going to make a comeback over the next 7-12 days at least. A small storm is coming in from the south and will actually deliver some much needed rainfall for Southern California. Although, I do not see a major rain event, they will take what they can get. That southern storm will work its way north into the Tahoe area and produce rain and upper elevation snow. Then, a larger storm will drop down out of the north and remind you of January around the middle of next week. This storm will bring beneficial rains to Northern California and snow to the Western Crest of the Sierra. Interestingly enough, the models are not in agreement here. The GFS is more bullish on both storms producing precip for California. The EC is has lighter amounts and later timing, but believes the Carson Range and the leeward valleys will join in on the party. I usually side with the EC as it has been the more reliable model. Let's start with the GFS for late on Friday: This storm is centered