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Extended Golf Season on the Way

With few exceptions, October should be a beautiful month in the Reno/Tahoe area. I know we received a few teaser storms, but all that snow will melt. Looking at the long range forecast, I am not seeing any major storms developing and coming to our area, possibly through October. Having said that, what about the upcoming winter? How much snow can we expect? I have read numerous articles trying to predict the long range forecast. The only thing they have in common is they have nothing in common. I have heard of a weak to moderate El Nino (aint going to happen, at least not until spring) and a weak La Nina (slight chance). My guess is we will stay neutral ENSO until at least late January. Therefore the El Nino Southern Oscillation is not going to provide us any guidance. Some pig was wagging his tail counter clockwise during the Wanning Gibbous Moon, therefore the Farmers Almanac says the USA is in for a bitter cold winter. I am not sure how much credibility I can give that, although