Significant Cold Front with Some Precipitation Headed Our Way

 Enjoy the warm, sunny weather. It is not going to last. We have been talking about a cold front which will make it's way to our area starting later on the 4th. With that cold front we are talking about some precipitation as well.  Temperatures should bounce back around the 9th of the month and go above average again. I would probably wait on turning on your irrigation until at least then. Here is a look at the forecast for Thursday evening (4/4): This will be our best chance for precipitation and we will see at least a few flakes all the way down to the valley floor as the cold front moves through on Thursday night and Friday. By the 11th of April, our temperatures should be back above average. As we move later in the season, our storms will be weaker. However, Ma Nature always spins up a surprise when we least expect it. As far as seasonal averages are concerned, we are now above average in precipitation for our 2nd straight year. Of course 3 years ago we were slightly below aver

Significant Storm on Tap for this Week

Sorry about the delay, had to take a little time off. We have a storm that will have a significant impact on the area. The storm will approach Tahoe on Wednesday evening: The storm will send several waves of moisture. Then take a break on Thursday (3/28). It will then regroup and bring more precip to the are on Friday: Here is the precip forecast for this week: The Western Sierra crest will pick up nearly 5 feet of snow. The Carson Range will be in the 1-3 feet range. Temperatures will remain below seasonal averages for this time of year. They will recover this weekend and to near average or even above average. However, we are tracking a strong cold front moving down into our area around the 4th of April, that will bring our temperatures back to well below seasonal averages. Stay Tuned ...

Spring is Coming, No Storms in Sight

We are seeing zero storms in the near future. A very weak system will move through tomorrow but produce no significant precip on this side of the Lake Tahoe. We are looking at temps in the upper 60's for later in the week. High pressure moves in and we will be dry for at least the next 2 weeks.

One More Day, Then General Drying Trend

As is often the case, when we get walloped by a big storm, it changes the entire pattern. The ECMWF weather model says 1 more day then light snow through Wednesday then a general drying trend. Temperatures will recover to the lower 50's but for the most part stay below average for this time of year. The GFS weather model does have a stronger system for Tuesday and then another system for a week from Monday. For now we will stick with the European model. Here is a look at the middle of next week as a blocking ridge of high pressure is going to move in and send any storms to the north for a while. That should give the resorts time to dig out. Stay Tuned ...

Significant Storm(s) Knocking on the Door; Record March?

The NWS has issued a blizzard warning for the leeward valleys of Northern Nevada. These guys are professionals and are very good at what they do. In addition, we are looking at the possibility of over 10 feet of snow for the Sierra, including the Carson range. Our forecast is mountain snow through March 15th on most days! We could see an additional 10-15 feet of snow on Mt. Rose by the middle of March. Here is some timing: Thursday Night 2/29 The storm approaches and begins to slam the West side of Lake Tahoe. Even the leading edge of this storm is cold, we see initial snow levels below Lake Tahoe, which is great news for all resorts. Friday Late Afternoon 3/1 The storm stalls and gathers steam. This portion of the storm will deliver very significant snowfall over the Sierra. Snow begins in the Leeward valleys after starting with rain. Saturday Night 3/2 The storm remains stalled. Notice how the cold air meets the warm air right over Lake Tahoe. What a party this will be! Sunday Evenin

Colder Storms Heading Our Way

In an about face, El Nino has decided to send us some Arctic air along with some tropical air. These two air masses are going to meet right over Lake Tahoe. We believe the Arctic air mass will win out in the end and bring about a week's worth of snow at much lower elevations. Things begin next Tuesday with a weak system that will leave very little snow but bring it high winds. The party really gets started about midday on Thursday (2/29): We are on the outer rings of precipitation of a massive storm to the north. That storm is going to charge south, run into a much warmer air mass and stall. Here is the timing: Friday (3/1) late afternoon Saturday 3/2, Late Morning (storm stalled)   Sunday 3/3, Early Morning  We will feel the remnants of this storm through Tuesday (3/5). Temperatures will not recover and stay well below average through at least March 9th. The majority of the precip will come on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of next week. Here is the precip forecast for the event: If

3 Storms Knocking On Door; Cooler Storms Begin in March

We have 3 storms sitting out in the Pacific Ocean ready to make landfall and bring rain and snow to the area. These are warmer storms, but will turn progressively cooler. Then around the 28th, a strong area of Low Pressure sitting off the BC Coast, combined with a ridge of high pressure well off the California coast, will create an alley for much cooler storms at the beginning of March. Typical of El Nino, we have many weaker storms. These storms are, however, beginning to add up as we are now at about our average precipitation after a very slow start. There is no end in sight for the storm train. Here is what we are seeing and when. Notice the red, blue and light blue lines. That represents temperatures with the light blue being much cooler and red being much warmer. Today @ 10pm (2/17) Tomorrow @ 9pm (2/18) Monday @ 6am (2/19) The storm starting Sunday will stall and dump tons of rain over most of California. This storm should put us above our seasonal average. After about 4-5 day br