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If You Think El Nino is Done With Us; Think Again

What a beautiful run of spring weather! Don't get used to it. It is coming to a screeching halt on Friday. We see a pretty major pattern change that will bring the possibility of a few strong storms to the Sierra and even over to the Carson Range. One thing for sure, your upper 70's (in the valley) will be replaced with upper 50's with lots of wind. Here is a look at the forecast for Thursday. That trough of low pressure is going to change everything. Behind it is a significant cold front that will bring our temperatures down below average for at least the next few weeks. It will open the door for more storms that have some potential to bring in a late season Sierra Snow Storm. We will really feel the pinch next week around Tuesday. Notice the cold air (light blue line) heading to our area. That is typical of what we may see in January. Finally, as the storm door stays open and our weather is dominated by air from the north: This system could usher in a major storm. That st

Significant Cold Front with Some Precipitation Headed Our Way

 Enjoy the warm, sunny weather. It is not going to last. We have been talking about a cold front which will make it's way to our area starting later on the 4th. With that cold front we are talking about some precipitation as well.  Temperatures should bounce back around the 9th of the month and go above average again. I would probably wait on turning on your irrigation until at least then. Here is a look at the forecast for Thursday evening (4/4): This will be our best chance for precipitation and we will see at least a few flakes all the way down to the valley floor as the cold front moves through on Thursday night and Friday. By the 11th of April, our temperatures should be back above average. As we move later in the season, our storms will be weaker. However, Ma Nature always spins up a surprise when we least expect it. As far as seasonal averages are concerned, we are now above average in precipitation for our 2nd straight year. Of course 3 years ago we were slightly below aver