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Storms Strengthen, Looks Like 1-2-3 Punch

Quick Update: Tonight the changes begin with a deep cold front dropping down to our east but hitting our area with strong winds and much colder temps. Thursday Night / Friday: Strong trough drops in and dumps 6-18 inches in Sierra, slightly lesser amounts for Carson Range. Sunday Night / Monday: Similar storm drops another 6-18 inches for both Sierra and Carson range. Wednesday / Thursday: Stronger storm drops 1-3 fee for both Sierra and Carson. As advertised, winter almost here. I will continue to update these storms as they approach. Take this into consideration when driving over mtn passes! Pondo could be spinning in a week. If all goes well ... who knows? Stay Tuned ...

Winter is Coming to the Sierra

The beauty of living here is that between the stormy days we usually have nice weather. Since mid-June, we have had only a couple of stormy days and very nice weather. However, it is that time of year when we can expect the storms to start dropping south again and pummeling our mountains. Fall has been beautiful, but that is about to come to an abrupt halt! The first storm will actually come ashore up in Oregon, move inland a few hundred miles and then drop south. This will usher in a pattern change and much cooler, windier weather. Here is a quick peek at Tuesday, early morning (Notice the isobars being very close together, that means wind!). This storm will not bring much if any precip. Any precip that does accompany this storm will have a greater effect on the valley than the mountains: Starting next Friday, November 4th, a series of storms are headed our way that could last through the following Tuesday. Right now the models are not agreeing as to the amount of precipitation.

Weather To Remain Nice Into November

Nice is a relative term. However that is what we are going to get. Very mild weather with lots of sun and no storms. There is an indication that the pattern could change toward the beginning of November and I will keep an eye on that. Until then enjoy the beautiful fall weather. We will get ours, it is now just a matter of time!

Weather Will Turn Mild and Sunny

Looking down the road, our weather is going to turn mild and sunny starting Saturday and lasting for what looks like a couple of weeks, at least. Expect daytime highs in the mid-70's to possibly low-80's. So take the golf clubs back out and enjoy. This rain should have been very beneficial for the mountain bike trails as well! Next time you hear from me, I will have a storm in sight! Stay Tuned ...

After This Storm, No Other Storms In Site

The coming storm will bring some real serious December/January like weather to the Sierra and leeward valleys. Most areas will see some snow and the Sierra will pick up 1-3 feet of snow, depending on elevation. That is up from my prediction of 10-20 inches yesterday. Unfortunately, this appears to be the last storm for at least the next 2 weeks. The models are in surprising agreement that high pressure will move in and keep the storms far to our north. I guess the golf season continues ... Stay Tuned.

One Storm Here Another On It's Tail

We have a decent chance of precip for the next 3 days and if you think it is windy today, wait until Tuesday Night and Wednesday as our first moderate storm of the year approaches. Most of the action will be to our north and west. However it looks like Tahoe and the leeward valleys along the Carson Range should get some good rain. As far as snow, the NWS has issue a Winter Storm Warning for the Sierra around Lake Tahoe above 7,000 feet. Look for 10-20 inches of snow depending on elevation. When we see the mountains again from Reno, they will have a nice white coating on them. Here is a look at the EC precip totals. This is the most aggressive of all the models and shows quite a bit of precip for the area. Most of the other models are forecasting about half that. The bulk of this storm will come in Tuesday night and last into Wednesday. Looking down the road, temperatures will be much cooler, but High Pressure should settle into the area for the weekend, which should mean sunny skies wi