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Significant Storm on Tap for this Week

Sorry about the delay, had to take a little time off. We have a storm that will have a significant impact on the area. The storm will approach Tahoe on Wednesday evening: The storm will send several waves of moisture. Then take a break on Thursday (3/28). It will then regroup and bring more precip to the are on Friday: Here is the precip forecast for this week: The Western Sierra crest will pick up nearly 5 feet of snow. The Carson Range will be in the 1-3 feet range. Temperatures will remain below seasonal averages for this time of year. They will recover this weekend and to near average or even above average. However, we are tracking a strong cold front moving down into our area around the 4th of April, that will bring our temperatures back to well below seasonal averages. Stay Tuned ...

Spring is Coming, No Storms in Sight

We are seeing zero storms in the near future. A very weak system will move through tomorrow but produce no significant precip on this side of the Lake Tahoe. We are looking at temps in the upper 60's for later in the week. High pressure moves in and we will be dry for at least the next 2 weeks.

One More Day, Then General Drying Trend

As is often the case, when we get walloped by a big storm, it changes the entire pattern. The ECMWF weather model says 1 more day then light snow through Wednesday then a general drying trend. Temperatures will recover to the lower 50's but for the most part stay below average for this time of year. The GFS weather model does have a stronger system for Tuesday and then another system for a week from Monday. For now we will stick with the European model. Here is a look at the middle of next week as a blocking ridge of high pressure is going to move in and send any storms to the north for a while. That should give the resorts time to dig out. Stay Tuned ...