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Very Different Pattern Starts Thursday

Well, we hope you enjoyed the beautiful February weather! But, as advertised, we are going to start up a new storm cycle. The fun starts Thursday as a couple of weak systems begin to push around our persistent ridge of high pressure. Then late Saturday night a much bigger storm appears poised to blast Tahoe and knock our ridge of high pressure on its butt! Here is a look at late Saturday night: This storm is packing a lot of moisture and should have a significant effect on our weather. Right now the snow levels look reasonable as things will cool down with the first two weak systems. I am guessing starting at 7,500 and rapidly dropping as the cold air comes in with system. This system will stick around through Monday and should be bringing moderate to heavy precip the entire time. Things to continue to stay interesting. Our first signs of a true El Nino pattern, which will undercut the ridge of high pressure and tap into subtropical moisture looks like it will set up next week

Strong, Lone Storm Hits This Afternoon Through Tomorrow

Not much has changed since our last post. We have a strong storm moving in from the Pacific that will bring significant precipitation, above 7,500 feet to the Sierra and Carson Range. We are looking at about 18-36 inches by Friday night. Because this storm is moving a bit faster than expected, I think we will see the low end of that range. Precipitation will start this morning and last through tomorrow morning. A series of weak short waves will follow along with some wrap around effect. As we move into the weekend, our ridge of high pressure will build back in and dry things out and warm things up. Here is a look at the precip estimates: We are still expecting a very wet March at this point as well. For more information, see the last post. Stay Tuned ...

Dry Spell Ends in about a Week

Hard to complain about our recent run of weather. Especially after all the snow we have received here in the Carson Range. The dry warm weather will continue through next Tuesday, then things change. Here is a look at the forecast for late Wednesday the 17th: This is a decent sized storm and Tahoe is the Bullseye!. It should hang around for about 48 hours and deliver moderate to heavy snow for our area including the Carson Range (2-4 feet). As we approach next week, I will hopefully be able to pinpoint amounts and elevations. Looking a little further down the road, we are seeing a change coming for our area. It will turn wet again, but the storms will be much warmer and should move further south and impact Southern California as well. It seems that the similarities to 1995 are becoming more apparent. This is a note sent to me by our top researcher. We try to avoid too much technical terminology, but Paul is very good at explaining what he is seeing. What he is seeing is after