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Massive Cold Front To Dominate Our Weather - Dangerous Wind Gusts Likely

There is a very large storm well north of us that will be sending some very cold air our way today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Along with that cold air, we could see our windiest conditions in a number of years, especially on the leeward side of the Sierra in the foothills. Places like Galena Forest and Arrow Creek. Accompanying this cold front is a pretty nice sized winter snow storm. It will spill over and snow all the way to the valley floor, heavy at times after the cold front comes through late Tuesday. Take a look at Tuesday afternoon: This snow event, which should bring 2-3 feet to the High Sierra, will last about 36 hours in the mountains. Here is a look at liquid precipitation levels: The western side of the Northern Sierra around Lake Tahoe could receive as much as 4 inches of liquid precip. Mt. Rose could get 18-24 inches of nice light powder from this event. Wednesday morning could be quite a treat for those of you who can make it up the mountain. Dangerous Winds Com

PNA Turning Positive, Weather Should Turn Nice

The NOAA PNA is forecasted to go strong positive which should mean strong ridging off the coast and very nice weather for our area. Have a look: High Pressure will dominate our weather through next weekend. A weak system will come through tonight (Saturday) and another on Wednesday. High Pressure will setup to our south and west which will act as a blocking force and push the storms north. Expect highs in the 60's starting around next Thursday. For now it looks like a beautiful next weekend. Get those sticks (golf) out and start swinging as spring is here. Having said all that, we still have a moderate El Nino. Our pattern is going shift, but we have at least a couple more shifts back down the scale to prolonged stormy weather coming. There is an excellent base of snow out there. This is a great time of year to ride or ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon.

Stormy Week Ahead. Big Storms For Next Week?

We have a series of small storms that will affect our weather over the course of the next week, starting on Tuesday. Another band comes through on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We will then get a little reprieve before a much larger storm comes calling. All week looks excellent for riding and skiing conditions. On or around March 10, GFS has this storm slamming us. A similar storm could also hit us 3 days later: El Nino has weakened, but is still firmly in control of our weather. I would expect this to be a very turbulent spring with summer arriving late. As these storms approach from the Gulf of AK, I will keep an eye on them and report back to you!