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Cooler Weather Coming to Tahoe; 2022/2023 Tahoe Winter Forecast

 First things first. We have a slider type system that will come down the Eastern Sierra and bring us much cooler temperatures. About 20-30 degrees cooler. This system is expected to arrive about mid-day Saturday (October 22nd). The Northern Rockies and Cascade Ranges will pick up some early season snow. We will not. Our time will come eventually, however, as the storm machine starts to crank up.  Looking ahead to Thursday the 27th, we are talking about a good chance of mountain snow, as a system comes in from the Northwest: Looking over the course of the next 2 weeks we are getting into a classic La Nina ensemble. As the Pacific NW will be very wet with only a few minor events making it to us.  2022/2023 Season Forecast After a strange weather year last, which saw major events in October and December but very dry after that.  Here is a look at the ENSO forecast from the various weather models. ENSO, or El Nino Southern Oscillation, can be a decent indicator of what to expect over the