PNA Turning Positive, Weather Should Turn Nice

The NOAA PNA is forecasted to go strong positive which should mean strong ridging off the coast and very nice weather for our area. Have a look:

High Pressure will dominate our weather through next weekend. A weak system will come through tonight (Saturday) and another on Wednesday. High Pressure will setup to our south and west which will act as a blocking force and push the storms north. Expect highs in the 60's starting around next Thursday. For now it looks like a beautiful next weekend. Get those sticks (golf) out and start swinging as spring is here.

Having said all that, we still have a moderate El Nino. Our pattern is going shift, but we have at least a couple more shifts back down the scale to prolonged stormy weather coming.

There is an excellent base of snow out there. This is a great time of year to ride or ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon.