Here She Comes

Storm Still North, but Moisture Coming Our Way With Direct Hit

The giant storm that I have been talking about for the last 10 days, is moving across the Pacific. The blocking high has weakened and it looks like we will be hit pretty hard by this storm in the way of precip. Snow levels, however, will be very high. Here is what the storm and moisture tail look like from space, notice the moisture tail wrapping around about 40% of the planet:

Here is what we can expect Sunday morning:

Here is a total moisture forecast by Monday night:

Areas north and west of Lake Tahoe, could be looking at 3-5 inches of liquid precip.

As far as Reno and Carson City, the models are not in agreement. However two models are talking about heavy rains on Sunday, especially in the western foothills.

This is just the beginning. The models are showing a series of very large storms heading into the area. We will get a few days off next week, but come Thursday another large storm is heading our way.

Halloween Looks Better
Another large storm is coming in the first of November. Ahead of it, we should see warmer air with highs in the mid-60s on Halloween day.

Stay Tuned ...