We Remain on the Extreme Southern End of the Storms

The ridge of high pressure that has been sitting off the west coast for what seems like a month, does not appear to be going anywhere. This is causing the storms to move well to our north. Occasionally, the ridge gets backed down by a stronger storm and we get a glancing blow, which comes in the form of mostly wind and minor amounts of precipitation. Here is a look at what has been in place now for a couple of weeks:

You can clearly see the blocking high pressure system. We are right on the edge of the block which is why we are getting an occasional wind storm. That will not change. Expect minor disturbances Tomorrow and Thursday.

I do not see any major storm activity. However there are some signs that the blocking high will eventually move on, which may open the door for more energy to hit our area.

We are moving from a La Nina back to an El Nino. I will talk about that in the coming posts.

Stay Tuned ...