When Will Winter End?

As our temperatures hover around 20 degrees below average and our mountains continue to get pounded with snow, the overwhelming majority of people (including my 9 year old daughter) are asking, "When will winter end?" If you read the links of my last post, you saw that the stars aligned for a very turbulent winter this past year. That weather continues and will continue for about another 7-10 days, at least. About the middle of next week, our temperatures should rebound and get close to average for this time of year.

What is happening, is a large area of low pressure to our north continues to cut off pieces of energy and send them our way. The blocking high pressure channels these "cutoff lows" down the coast where they come ashore over Northern California. They bring with them unseasonably cold air. We have another system coming late this weekend with more mountain snow on Sunday night. On it's heels we have another weaker system. The NWS has described this as a never ending parade of cutoff lows and claims their blog sounds like a broken record, which it does. Here is a graphical look at this 2 month old weather pattern:

Here is a look at early Monday morning as seen through the eyes of the EC model:

When Will It End? When Will Summer Begin?
We are seeing some signs of this pattern breaking down and the blocking high shifting south, where it belongs. Here is a look from GFS at the middle of June, notice the high pressure ridge has moved several hundred miles south:

Look for our weather to improve about the middle of next week, around the 8th of June and get better from there. The models are still tracking a few more storms, including one around the 11th of June, but in between our days should be much warmer (mid-70's to low-80's). Then around the middle of the month, we should begin to enter our dry season.

ENSO Neutral Conditions to Persist Through 2011
NOAA is predicting neutral conditions to persist through 2011, which means no El Nino and no La Nina. I will talk about what that means for next winter in posts to come.

Global Warming
This is a very interesting article about the use of bio-fuels to combat global warming. The collateral damage is sickening. When a small group of elitists backed by a completely unproven science and a totally irresponsible main stream media kick up a panic, who suffers? The poor of course. The same people the elitists claim to fight for.

I highly recommend that you read it.

Third World Food Crisis

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