Large, Cold Storm will Usher in a Return to Winter

There is a large storm that will hit the Tahoe area and bring back memories of December for at least 36 hours. Looking ahead, we are going to be in a very stormy pattern with below average temperatures through next week ... at least.

First things first, starting Thursday night a large storm (for this time of year) will begin to approach Tahoe and bring with it very gusty winds. The brunt of the storm will hit late Friday afternoon. Here is the forecast for around 4:00 no Friday:

As with many storms this time of year, this storm will work its way south down the Sierra and bring at least double the precip to the Sierra compared with the Carson Range.

But fear not, a series of short wave sliders will continue to bring in waves of cool air. These storms tend to work their way down the Carson Range and bring more precip to the Eastern Sierra and Carson Range. They also bring plenty of cold air as our dominant weather pattern will be from the north.

The storm for Friday/Saturday will bring 1-2 feet for the western crest and 6-12 inches for the Carson range, above 8,000 feet. I fear that as this storm approaches late Thursday into Friday that the winds will shut down Mt. Rose ... but you never know.

The Eastern sliders really start to pick up around noon on Monday, expect below average temps. Then late on Wednesday, a reinforcing system will make its way into California and bring us more cool temps and at least a decent chance of precip.

It looks like the following weekend could see a warm up.

Stay Tuned ...