2 Moisture Starved Storms, Then Maybe Something Decent

We have a few fast moving, moisture starved storms heading our way. The first hits very early Thursday morning. It would classify it as a slider, but it is dropping in straight from the north. To our west High Pressure is dominating and blocking any reasonable moisture tap for this storm.

The next storm comes in very late on Sunday night and follows a similar pattern:

This one is trying to weasel a bit more moisture around the blocking ridge of high pressure. I see at best just a few inches of snow above 6,500 feet for both of these storms in the Carson Range and about the same or slightly more in the Sierra.

As the ridge of high pressure begins to break down, we are tracking what might be a bit more of a winter event which should begin to approach our area about a week from tomorrow. If this storm decides to slow down and take its time, unlike the last several storms, we could be measuring precip in feet rather than inches:

It is still way too early to make the call, but here is what ECMWF thinks of total precip for the next 3 storms:

Most of this precip comes with the third storm, which is still over a week away. We will keep an eye on things and report accordingly.

Stay Tuned ...