7 Days of Bad Weather Starts Tomorrow

We hope you enjoyed these last few days, because the warm sunshine is going to give way to West  Coast Troughing starting tomorrow. For about the next 7 days temps will struggle to get out of the 50's with cloudy, windy, cool and even rainy conditions. Perfect for getting those last turns of the season at Mt. Rose!

This stormy, cool weather will culminate with at least a reasonable chance for some rain and snow next Tuesday afternoon. Here is the forecast for Tuesday afternoon:

This is a slider type system that will drop out of the north and really make us question if it is really May.

As the season winds down and the weather begins to stabilize, our posts will decrease as there just is not much to talk about. However, rest assured we are keeping a very close eye on next winter. If you read Paul Huntington's post from last week, there are several reasons to believe, that this years record precipitation may also be on tap for next year.

Stay Tuned ...


  1. The outlook is brilliant. The arrival of the new season is excellently described in this short article and the diagram is also a nice touch. The text could have been expanded upon though.


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