Strong Cold Front Knocking on the Door, Pattern Change Around Christmas?

A well advertised, strong cold front is knocking at the door. Although this front does not have much moisture to work with, we believe that the Carson Range could pick up 3-12 inches of snow as the precip potential has increased. Our confidence is much higher with 3 inches than 12 inches. Here is a look at the peak of the storm which will be about 4:00 am Sunday morning:

The clash of warm and cold air is giving us some hope of a surprise and this storm may squeeze a little more precip than the models are suggesting.

After this storm passes, it is back to ridge city. Temperatures will slowly recover, but look for pretty deep valley inversions and crappy air quality next week. If you live in the mountains, it will be beautiful and the skiing up on Rose should be great as they have done a great job managing the snow and giving us pretty smooth, fast conditions.

It seems as though every weather outlet has hopped on the dry winter bandwagon. Of course we have been talking about this since the beginning of November and my colleague Paul Huntington talked about this in his winter outlook back in September. I want to remind our viewers that Ma Nature has the last say here. I am still seeing some patterns developing, particularly south of here that could change things rather rapidly. Conditions are still ripe for strong high pressure, but I am tracking a possible change around the 21st of December that could bring a pretty decent storm to the Tahoe area. Do not plan your vacation around this, but we will keep a close eye and report accordingly.

Stay Tuned ...