We're Not Done Yet; Next Two Storms Look Warm

We are currently in the lull that we talked about last post. This will not last long as this powerful storm begins to crank up again by mid to late afternoon:

The storm is forecast to finally clear out by late Saturday afternoon but not before dumping 4-8 feet of snow throughout the Sierra and Carson range with similar amounts in the Central Sierra around Mammoth.

This storm actually came in warmer than we expected but snow levels hovered around 5,200 feet at the their highest, which is a far cry from a typical large Sierra dump.

Then next two storms are coming in much warmer and snow levels could start pushing the 8,000 foot mark again. The first of the two storms now looks to be heading further north than we expected in our last post. That will deliver the Tahoe area just a glancing blow.

Notice the red lines, that is warmer air which is completely different than what we have been experiencing over the last few weeks.

A third storm is now appearing on the horizon. Although this is a ways out and things could change, this looks to be more of a traditional spring storm and could be very beneficial to all of California:

This is a much warmer storm and we can expect very high snow levels if it all holds together. Currently models are pointing at 3-6 inches of liquid precip coming out of this storm as we move closer to our average annual precip. We probably will not get there this year, but things looked much worse just a few weeks back. We like to say this because it is completely true; Ma Nature always has the final word.

If you are the type that loves the cold and colder snow (who isn't?), then get out while you can as we are going to warm up to our average temperatures and above in the coming 10 days.

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Stay Tuned ...