Last Storm in Cycle, Knocking at the Door

If you have read our last few posts, you know that another pretty good sized storm is headed our way that will effect the entire state of California for the next 3 days.

We believe this will be the last storm in this most recent cycle. Of course, the storms have come so close together that it has been difficult to define a storm cycle.

Also, because of the recent storm history and the fact there is still plenty of weather out there, our confidence is not exactly high that we may be entering a dry period, but for now that is what the models are saying.

The peak of this storm should be about mid-morning tomorrow:

We are staying with our earlier prediction that snow levels should average around 6,500 - 7,000 feet, which means a likely mixed bag at lake level and all rain for the leeward valleys. These storm will spill over and we expect decent amounts of rain for the valleys.

Here is a look at the storm total, not what we have been seeing, but storms do weaken the later we get into the year:

The precipitation should be over by end of day on Thursday, however, we still expect below average temperatures until around the 14th of March when a ridge of high pressure is forecast to move in off the coast. Until that happens and if that happens, the weather will remain unstable and the possibility of the storm cycle continuing will be there, although unlikely for now.

Stay Tuned ...