Seriously, 5 Storms in 15 Days

After a very dry start to 2022 (following a record wet finish to 2021), Ma Nature, for some reason unknown to man has decided to bring the storms back. We are tracking 5 storms in the next 15 days.

Tomorrow 4/11 @11am

Thursday 4/14 @ 11am

All snow for Mt. Rose, looking at snow elevations starting around 6000-7000 feet.

Friday 4/15 @ 5pm

This one looks pretty impressive from a moisture standpoint.

Tuesday 4/19 @ 11am

Typical Sierra split storm, going to give us more snow, could be a shadow effect for Carson Range, however.
Sunday 4/24 @5pm

Smallest and possible the last in this cycle, again, we are seeing some shadowing for Carson Range.

Additional 3-6 feet of April snow for the Sierra in the next 2 weeks!

Stay Tuned ...