Small Systems will Continue to Roll Through - Possible Larger System Friday

Scott and I went up to Rose this morning and caught around 6-8 inches of fresh, light powder from last nights weak trough. We will take all we can get. We should be looking at another 6-8 inches tonight and then the possibility for a little larger storm on Friday. Here is a look at Friday's forecast:

For Friday the potential does exist for some very heavy snow. As the front approaches the coast, I anticipate that it will weaken significantly. Still it should still have plenty of punch remaining. I will try and fine tune the forecast in the next day or so.

Similar to last nights system, the storm is actually located quite a bit north and is swinging bands of precip into our area as the cold air mixes with the warm moist air.

Tonight's system will be accompanied by high winds over the crest as well as ideal down slope wind conditions for the foothills. At least some of the inversion that the valley is currently suffering through should get wiped out by these winds. Ironically, the inversion will act as a shield when the storm hits and knock down some of the wind. It's anybody's guess as to whether the shield will hold or we can refresh the stagnant air down in the valley.

Interestingly enough, when Scott and I hit about 6,300 feet this morning we cleared the cloud layer. It was a spectacular, almost heavenly site to look down on the clouds. When we got to the ski area, it was a beautiful blue bird day with excellent conditions.

Right now conditions are very good as temps are not getting warm enough during the day to cause snow degradation and then refreezing at night. Therefore the snow has held it's consistency with soft but super fast conditions on the slopes.

Look for our temperatures to start warming as we move forward. I am still holding out hope for some valley rain accompanied by some 50's to open a few lower elevation golf courses late next week. Regardless, it will not be long as we are on the right side of the solstice.