Spring Like Weather Is Coming - El Nino has passed its Peak

We have a cold little system that will be moving through Tuesday and Wednesday. It will bring minor amounts of snowfall, < 12 inches for the Sierra. The models and the PNA forecast suggest that a weather pattern change is coming. That change is for much warmer, dryer conditions starting as soon as Thursday and lasting for perhaps a week or 10 days. There are some indications that a much larger storm could be in the works around the 20th of February. However, this year has been nearly impossible to predict weather. In fact the Reno NWS folks oftentimes have trouble predicting what will happen in 6 hours, let alone 2 weeks. I will keep an eye on that one. In the meantime, polish up those clubs as we could see some 60's not too far down the road.

Meanwhile, NOAA is suggesting that El Nino passed it's peak in Late January and beginning to weaken across the entire equatorial Pacific, especially in the mid-pacific regions. The site when on to say that we should expect neutral conditions by May or June (No El Nino or La Nina). Neutral conditions can also be very good as far as winter snowfall is concerned.

Stay tuned ...