Stable Weather for 5-8 Days and Then Return to Stormy Pattern

Inside slider slid right down the eastern Sierra and is bringing more cold air with it. You were warned. Tonight should be very cold.

A giant ridge of high pressue will move into our area tomorrow and will not be moved until Monday or Tuesday of next week. This will bring a gradual warming trend with highs in the upper 50's by early next week.

Once the ridge is moved out, indications are that we will return to another stormy pattern. GFS is calling for a large storm to slam our area on the 22nd of November, here is a look:

I am pretty sure that I am the only idiot who is trying to predict a big storm 12 days down the road, but hey, I am not paid for this so take this with a grain of salt. In addition, I am not predicting this, the GFS weather model is. Also, the EC weather model has a large storm forming around the same time and coming into our area, although the EC is not as aggressive as GFS. One last reason why I brought up this storm, the PNA is going negative right around this time frame. For those of you who are new to the blog, the PNA is a good storm indicator for our area. It stands for Pacific/North American. It actually takes circulation and factors it with current and past PNA indexes. It is pretty complex, but also very reliable. Negative readings usually mean stormy weather, take a look:

If these weather predictions hold true, there are a series of storms that should follow this big one.

For now, enjoy the sunny weather for the next week and I will keep an eye out for large storms ...