6 Days of Storms Start Today

A series of storms will move into California. Beneficial rains will make it further south. This time, the Central Sierra appears to be in the Bullseye. That is until Monday. Before we get into that, these storms are moving out of the north. For the most part they will stay on the other side of the Sierra as they move south through California. However, we will pick up some precipitation. Between now and Monday I expect about 12-18 inches for the Carson, double that for the west side of the lake and more the further west you go.

Back to Monday; This storm will also fall out of the north. It has a much better trajectory and I see it being a decent event for the Carson range and all of the Tahoe Basin:

The above picture is the forecast for very early on Monday morning. this should stick with us for a good 12-18 hours or so and bring about an inch and a half of liquid to the Carson range and perhaps triple that for the Western Crest.

Here is the precip outlook for the entire event:

I expect between 2-3 feet of snow for the Carson Range. Some parts of the Sierra will pick up 4 times that amount. This time of year, it is tough for storms to generate enough lift and hold it together all the way to the Carson Range.

Starting late next Tuesday, it looks like we will have an extended dry period, so enjoy this while you can.

Stay Tuned...