Next Storm Coming Late on Wednesday

We are tracking 3 storms right now for next Wednesday, then a week from today and then, perhaps, the 21st of April. The last storm hooked up nicely with a moisture tap and we see something similar for the storm next week, although probably not as much moisture by about half.

Here is the forecast for late Wednesday night:

A decent moisture connection, but nothing like what we saw in the last storm. Snow levels for this one should be around 6,500 at the start and fall to around 5,000 feet as the cold front passes through. That means the leeward foothills can expect more snow on the ground.

The following Sunday night see's the next storm come in. This storm does not have the moisture associated with it and will only bring in more cool air. I see light amounts of snow and lot of wind. Here is the forecast for Sunday afternoon as the storm approaches:

The last storm we are tracking could show up on the 21st and may bring a return to the moisture tap, we will have to wait and see.

Here is the moisture forecast for the next two systems, as you can see nothing like this last system:

I am thinking 9-18 inches of snow for Mt. Rose by Friday morning with an additional 2-6 on Sunday night.

Stay Tuned ...